Testimonial 7

“I love Kelly because she really wants you to be comfortable with your hair. She listens, she gives suggestions and her opinions without sounding like she is always right. She gives great haircuts and does great with color!”

- Shelli Pulley on her stylist, Kelly

Testimonial 4

“With how often I change my hair, and how thick it is, I’m always conscious of who is cutting my hair. I see Erikka and she’s fabulous! Whether I come in with a plan or sit down in the chair with no idea of what I want, I always walk away happy with my look.”


Testimonial 3

“Every time I go to J Michaels Salon I always leave feeling beautiful and with a big smile on my face! I have searched for a couple years for a salon and hair stylist that know how to deal with Asian hair and I was extremely happy to find Kelly! I go to Kelly for everything because she is very skilled and charismatic! She has a real vision for hair and she knows how to connects with her clients. Thank you J Michaels for providing the best services and making people feel fabulous!”

- Caitlyn

Testimonial 1

“Adia always keeps it fresh -- I don’t think we ever do the same thing twice -- but at the same time, she keeps it pretty and flattering. I don’t ever have to worry that I will walk out with some trend of the moment that doesn’t translate well on me. She factors in my super-thick, long, wavy hair as well as my coloring even down to the undertones in my skin. She knows that as an entrepreneur I need to look professional for work, but at the same time I like to play with more fun options in my free time. She also focuses on keeping my hair healthy -- and healthy hair always looks best!”

-Erin Rollenhagen on her stylist, Adia