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Concealed Hand Tied Extensions - Why we LOVE Covet & Mane

We're only interested in the BEST when it comes to hair extensions!! J Michaels Salon has exclusively & very proudly offered Covet & Mane extension wefts to our guests since 2019.

We loved their hair, values, & genuine love and support of the industry so much, we recently certified 16 of our stylists in their hand tied extension method, Concealed by Covet & Mane. We love this collaboration so much, we gotta tell you why!

Why we ❤️ Covet & Mane:

  • Covet & Mane is the world's first patented line of customizable hand tied hair extensions.

  • They offer ethically sourced, expert processed wefts.

  • With multiple lengths & textures offered in a stunning color range, there's something to meet every hair goal imaginable

  • The Covet & Mane team is committed to quality and offers exceptional support & customer service.

  • We share the same core values with a commitment to excellence.

  • The quality of wefts is unmatched.

We'll forever be obsessed with Covet & Mane and their unwavering support to the industry & our stylists.

To learn more about our chosen method of hand tied extensions, schedule a complimentary consultation at https://jmichaelssalondsm.com/book-online or give us a call at 515.288.0541.

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