Why Work For Us

We take pride in our salon being a place where our staff can come to work each day with a smile on their face. Take it from them—building a career at J Michaels Salon is much more than being a hairstylist.

Adia Why Work For Us


We learn from every mistake we've made and making mistakes goes hand in hand with success. Over the years we've learned, we've grown, we've struggled, and we've experienced the priceless victory of success. Though the face of our salon stays the same, we are always growing and changing in the right direction—avoiding stagnancy, and doing our best to improve. Our staff, education, and structure may change, but from the beginning to the end of each day, we still have the same vision, passion and desire to equip and lead both our team and our community of supportive and loyal guests. We are more than just a salon that provides services. We are a brand that provides an experience that we hope and pray leaves others feeling welcomed and valued.

Anita Why Work For Us


I made the choice to work at J Michaels Salon because I needed a change in my career. I have been with the company from the day we opened our doors and have seen it grow and flourish into this amazing place. We have such a successful team of women and I can say confidently that by choosing to be a part of this journey has been so beneficial for my family. We have a great environment that supports and is dedicated to each guest that comes through our doors. I truly feel like we are not like any other salon in Des Moines and I am proud to be a part of this team.

Adrian Why Work For Us


I began my career at J Michaels Salon straight out of Cosmetology School. The training I was provided right from the bat allowed me to continuously grow. I'm very appreciative of the fact that I was also allowed to take guests within the first 4 weeks which allowed me to grow into a level 3 position in just short of 2 years. The team vibe that J Michaels Salon has provided me year after year has been such a blessing. Most importantly when I was looking for a salon to begin my career, I was looking for leaders who believed in me. The leadership in our company has believed in me continuously, and for that I am forever grateful.

Janelle Why Work For Us


The J Michaels Salon team believes in empowerment and success both on an individual level and as a whole. I’ve never been surrounded by such support and encouragement before joining this team! Imagine what you want your career aspirations to be and J Michaels Salon will give you the foundation and tools to create just that!

Kelly Why Work for Us


J Michaels Salon is a team of individuals with unique talents! The company provides a positive environment which has given me the opportunity to live out my passion and plant my roots. My life and career have both been quite the journey. I once thought of stepping away and joining the 9-5 corporate world, but something told me to look one final time in Des Moines for a place I can call my salon "home". J Michaels nurtures not only the best opportunity for that but also inspires me to grow in my profession even more. Education has been my foundation and has provided me with the tools to give those personal "experience" touches to each of my guests. I have been surrounded by coworkers that are knowledgable, respected ,and extremely talented which inspires me even more! Having a Summit salon be a part of my journey has given me the business guidance to grow, has provided a sense of financial security by reaching my goals, and is proving my career is legit and I'm not just some hairdresser!

Erikka Why Work For Us


I chose J Michaels Salon because of the company's foundation and tools that are necessary to build a successful career. I love that I am surrounded by an amazing team and salon owners that genuinely care for one another, each other's families, happiness, and life goals. Best of all, I can call them my second family!

"Never tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon" - Author Unknown